Amorgion Hotel – Amorgos Island, Cyclades, Greece

Amorgion hotel is built on a small hill in the area of Saint Eirini (Irene), 1200m from the port of Katapola, just a 15 minute walk or a 3 minute drive.

On account of this prime locations, the hotel guests are able to enjoy a panoramic view of the port and fields of Katapola, as well as the peace and quiet that surrounds the area of Saint Eirini.

By choosing Amorgion Hotel for your stay, you will be at the centre of the island, just 5km from the most beautiful Chora of the Cyclades, 6km from the imposing Monastery of the Virgin Chozoviotissa and only a small distance away from the beaches of Amorgos, renowned for their wild beauty and deep blue!